Markelle Fultz diamond card
95 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 96 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 69 REB

Honest Markelle Fultz Review

Written by SirTubs

Markelle Fultz who is already being considered a bust by a lot of people has received a card in this years 2k. He was drafted to the sixers as the 1st pick because of his freak athleticism, shooting ability (lol), and passing ability but was also a creative finisher around the rim. After playing multiple games of unlimited and triple threat this card has amazed me. I was reluctant to play with him at first but now has my lineup looking likeThis

Bought for: Packed, however goes for 4K on PS4


  • Finishing: Simply put, he is a tank. Think of LeBron in real life, bullies past everyone and finishes over top. That is how Markelle felt for me whilst using him. Quite often I found myself using his phenomenal rhythm dribble to blow past my defender and demolishing the rim with a 360, windmill or slingshot tomahawk over 7 footers.

  • Shooting (lol): No, his jumpshot does not look stupid, suprisingly. It is very smooth and consistently greens from anywhere, like, everywhere. I had no limitless on Markelle (partly thanks to the auction house being trash rn) and was greening from the hashmarks consistently. One of the more satisfying things was watching Markelle snatchback on his defender and drain a jumpshot from anywhere.

  • Dribbling: Easily got one of the best dribble moves of any player. I thought Harden was amazing but I have now sold him because Fultz has better moves. He can momentum spin, do a fast momentum crossover, slow momentum crossover, incredible rhythm dribble, Magic Johnson's behind the back and a solid crossover. The one downside is his stepback which isn't even that bad.

  • Defending: Believe it or not, Markelle Fultz is one of the better defenders on my team. In my journeys with this player, I have come up against GO Bron and stopped him, Ben Simmons and stopped him, Tracy McGrady and stopped him, Kevin Durant and stopped him, even Diamond Hedo and stopped him, you name it and I have locked them up. This is because of his HOF Defensive Stopper, Pick Dodger and Pick Pocket, even stopping Giannis thanks to the pick pocket. Markelle Fultz is really good thanks to the latest shot contest buff and that is the reason why he is usable.

Weaknesses: There are literally no offensive flaws, but his defense is not as good as it could be due to his:

  • Height: Yes, his defense is incredible. Yes, his offense is incredible. If there was one thing he was bad at, it is not even his fault because it is his height. Markelle can do everything, I hope I have made it clear through this review, this 'weakness' is just what could make him the best card in the game.

Recommended Strategy: Use Markelle Fultz's rhythm dribble and blow past your defender, keep doing this until he sags, then start shooting 3's to keep him guessing.

Use if: You want an Inside-Outside threat that can pass amazingly

Don't use if: There is no reason you shouldn't have him. The man is 4,000 MT.

Bottom Line: Best card in the game, for the price he is. Amazing dribble moves, amazing jumpshot, amazing driving ability. This card is what the sixers were hoping for when they drafted him.

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    Good Review, I packed him today and didn't want to use him because of his track record. I played a few online games today and he surprised me! This review really breaks down Fultz in a nutshell :)


    BTW, I am a bucks fan (have been since 2015) and so I have no emotional attachment to fultz, just in case anyone thinks I am biased.


    Usually when I read this good of reviews for diamonds, I think it's BS, but i just picked Markelle up and holy crap ur right. He replaced PD penny as my backup PG, that release is too butter and the 11 HOF badges is insane for a Diamond. thanks for the sick review bro, wouldnt have picked him up otherwise but very glad I did


    For a diamond card, Fultz is honestly amazing. He is like a taller PD Derrick Rose, and like you mentioned, can shoot very well. Picked him up on the auction house a few weeks back and I gotta say this is a budget BEAST.