'16 Stephen Curry opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 97 REB

Updated Review. He sucks!

Written by TheCuseMuthaFuca

I gave him too much credit and praise in my last review. But this card is not that great. He rarely gets on ball steals. He rarely green lights shots and he gets toasted by galaxy opal Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. His 99 rated steals are something I have yet to see. Galaxy Opal Gary Payton gets way more steals. I think this card is overrated.

Bought for: Grind for two days.


He can dunk and drive to the hoop. He can nail some 3's but he's not as easy as some other lesser cards.


  • He can miss wide open shots. I missed a wide open corner 3 with this Curry. His defense seems to be missing. You can feel 2K magnets moving him around when you're trying to control him. It's hard to play on-ball defense with him.

Recommended Strategy: "I use him as a pass first PG. I have better success driving to the hoop with him than chucking 3's."

Use if: "If you really know his shot and can green light with him."

Don't use if: "If you have galaxy opal Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook, pink diamond Bingo Smith, diamond Seth Curry, any Luka card, a diamond Ben Simmons card, or galaxy opal Derrick Rose"

Bottom Line: "Overrated card. A defensive liability. "

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