'07 Gary Payton opal card
99 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 83 REB

Best true PG in the game!

Written by TheCuseMuthaFuca

Cheesers are having a hard time shooting top of the key 3's. This is the best defensive PG in the entire game. He has the highest rated defense (outside of those GOAT cards that are kind of overrated). Once you pair him with his dynamic duo Shawn Kemp, GP becomes a GOAT card. His stats are mostly 99. But he steals the ball even when you're playing as another man on your team. He automatically gets steals. Sometimes you have to off-ball cheesers who like to do step back 3's with cheeser cards like Damian Lillard and Westbrook, Kemba. But GP will keep clamps on them. Sometimes they get open for 3, but cheesers who fall in love with chucking 3's all game will miss more shots because of GP. His passing game is insane and he can dunk and shoot 3's. I've used a bunch of point guards this year, but this is the best true point guard in the game. I made two full GOAT teams rage quit (one dude had GOAT Jordan and GOAT Lebron, the other dude had GOAT Lebron and GOAT Greak Freak and GOAT Shaq.. I made them both rage quit).

Bought for: 6,000 MT (an absolute steal and I got Kemp for only 8,000 MT to go with him).


  • Number one on ball steal artist
  • Passing game is insane. He runs an offense like a real point guard.
  • He can be deadly from 3.


  • He's small so he will won't grab rebounds.
  • Driving to the paint and scoring is not his game. But he can dunk when he gets a lane.

Recommended Strategy: "Let him run your offense. Play tight, smother defense against cheesers who shoot 3's, use extended defense to get more steals from point guards. No need to reach in, he will swipe the ball for a steal. Turnovers make your opponent rage quit."

Use if: "If you want to play defense and get steals. Defense wins games!"

Don't use if: "If you're a cheeser and like to dribble around and step back for 3's all game."

Bottom Line: "I picked him up a few months ago for expensive, then I sold him for like 50,000 MT. Now he's cheap under 10,000 MT.. he's a steal for a late season run to 12-0. So far I'm 8-0 (I don't expect to go 12-0 in this mode since everyone has full opal teams now) But this is the best true point guard in NBA 2K20."

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