Comment on Michael Jordan 99

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    Hell of a card. crazy I had the 2.9 million to buy. Is he worth it? Oh hell naw. But I have every big name card besides GO AD and GO D Wade, and he is definitely the best card. is lay up animations can be a little annoying sometimes because they are so flashy, but he is by far the best defensive wing player in the game (until GO Klaw probably).

  • Comment on Kevin Durant 94

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    Yeah it was Christmas when I got KD. His value is no where near that now.

  • Comment on Kobe Bryant 99

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    Beautiful card, might be the best card they have ever come out with, and a great card arc. But I don't understand why his reaction time, pick and roll IQ and shot contest are so low, lol. it's very random. I do get that everything else is 99 pretty much. But I rather his shoq contest be a 90 than his post hook. How often did Kob do a hook shot? Very rare.

  • Comment on Richie Guerin 96

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    One of the most fun cards to use in the game...especially for the TTO players. Easy to green release also.

  • Comment on Karl-Anthony Towns 99

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    Is he worth it? If you know dribble moves and can dribble, for sure. His release isn't bad, but it's a set shot. You just have to make sure you are looking at is arms. He's money without the meter.

  • Comment on Bam Adebayo 95

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    I love Bam, but they gave him gold range extender and he's made I think only one 3 pointer all year in the season? .091% for the year. I get giving him a form of range extender but I would have given it as bronze or silver just to be fair.

  • Comment on Shaquille O'Neal 98

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    He's good, just so much MT locked in. When Opal AD and Magic come out wanna be able to sell the pink versions. 2k was dirty for releasing Shaq right after Eaton. smh.

  • Comment on Carmelo Anthony 97

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    It's bad for certain players. Like KD you can notice a difference, same for Klay. They can hit some contested jumpers, but if they are wide open they can clank some shots which can be frustrating.

  • Comment on Magic Johnson 97

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    I'm a triple threat guy, so the sliders are different but I haven't had any issues with Magic going strong to the rim. He dunks a lot, and dunks on people. His Opal will probably go for 600k MT when it drops.

    I haven't had any issues with Simmons lately, he's been the beast he always has been for me. But I can see him struggling a little against a Magic for sure.

  • Comment on Lance Stephenson 92

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    47 badges, sheesh. Gotta get my hands on this card to try him out.