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    Almost 90 speed and acceleration too lol

    Only downside is his height. But he'll be a force in the transition, and he would lock up anyone on the perimeter as well. Gold Clamps baby. Even Galaxy Opal David Robinson don't have all these shit

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    Boy.. stop acting like a moron. Ronnie has nothing to do with any of this. He's just the face of the marketing department for 2k.. which officially makes him the ultimate punching bad. That's literally it.

    Plus, since when did 2k ultimate team Diamond, PD and especially Galaxy Opal cards.. were remotely "realistic"?? It's a fantasy game mode, literally called Ultimate Team. And these evo cards were perfectly realistic, only their EVO'd up version is unrealistic. That's the whole point. New Year gift for everyone. Stop crying

  • Comment on Richard Jefferson 97

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    This card is almost on the same level as PD T-Mac. Attributes, Badges.. everything. It's not just a 'Richard Jefferson' card. It's just a Top 5 card in the game right now. But if you already have a T-Mac, or even that Evo PD Derozan.. Then yeh. You shouldn't need this card

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    All the spotlight cards combined will cost around 300k, or more. Depends on the market.

    You can get T-Mac with just 100k more. He's the best player in the game for now, along with that PD Giannis. Flash Ben Simmons is also the most broken card, especially because of position locks this year

  • Comment on Jason Terry 95

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    Calm down kid.. This ain't it

  • Comment on Devin Booker 96

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    Morris is not even anywhere close to being "better" than this Booker card lol stop talking out of ya ass boy. You just failed to use Booker the right way

    Cards are useless on the wrong hand

  • Comment on Billy Cunningham 92

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    If this card actually looks like the Joker.. then it's not an abomination. It's a fuckin masterpiece

    Stop talking out of ya ass boy. If you think you can do any better, then go ahead and do it. otherwise shut the fuck up. Go and drink some MILK

  • Comment on Wilt Chamberlain 96

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    Why is this card suddenly so cheap on xbox one? That's so retarded. I hope it's just a temporary market crash.. otherwise it would just suck. Great cards like these needs to hold their immense $$$ value. Otherwise everyone would just have it

  • Comment on Andre Roberson 85

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    Boy.. DeMita is actually the polar opposite of a "basic bitch". You sound like a 10 year old. Y'all insecure as fuck worthless incels so used to just jerking off to women way above ya league, that ya think everyone is just "basic". That's grade A delusion. Only cunt that's basic, is you.

    DeMita was also an athlete before her injury, then he landed with 2k. She would beat ya dumass 1v1. Go call her basic then, after getting dropped off with ya sorry ass

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    This is the best "budget" version of PD T-Mac.. Even Demar's shot in game looks like T-Macs. The unrealistic attribute boosts he gets with this evo shit.. just makes him insane