By SplashBrosGaming »

Last three cards are fillers


By FittedK »

1) Take away Steve Francis, Anthony Davis, and Ben Wallace.

2) Get Diamond Marc/Pau Gasol as starting center

3) Amethyst Draymond Green as Starting PF

4) Put Luka as Back up PG and put Amethyst Vince Carter at the 2

5) Replace Westbrook with an Amethyst LaMarcus Aldridge and put Kyrie at starting 

Bench: Luka, Jefferson, Wiggins, Aldridge, Jokic

You can choose other players but Westbrook is not a good card, Ben Wallace and Davis are liability cuz they can't shoot much and Francis has a bad jump shot

By KobeIsNothingWithoutShaq34 »

Sell Wallace and get the new diamond KaT

By lolgg123 »

sell wallace, westbrook, francis, and get Diamond Murray and PG.